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Victor Babes University Of Medicine and Pharmacy (VBUMFT)

One of the ways in which the “Victor Babes” University Of Medicine and Pharmacy aims to achieve its mission, assumed through the University Chart, as an educational, scientific and cultural authority, is the promotion of medical and pharmaceutical research. Research activities are run within all disciplines and departments of our university, and the financial support is ensured, for the most part, by grants and research contracts. The main objectives of the Research and Management of Grants Department are carrying out research programs with direct implications on building the knowledge society by modernizing and improving the material base of academic research, supporting the researchers to direct their concerns especially for topics that are likely to find financing, stimulate the diversification of forms of participation in scientific research, both by national and international funding bodies, giving substance to the activity of research and excellence centers, creating centers of excellence with the support of Professors and of the Doctoral School, supporting students to develop research skills, by drawing them in solving various issues, involving students in research activities, organizing symposia and international conferences, under the guidance of specialized professional authority or in collaboration with other universities from abroad. VBUMFT is registered in the Potential Contractors Register and accredited by National Authority for Scientific Research to conduct research activities according to Decision No. 9696/14.07.2008. There is a Research and Management of Grants Department in VBUMFT that, together with the Financial and Supply Departments, follow the proper functioning of research contracts. VBUMFT coordinates the projects implementation within the institution, provides administrative and financial support for the project, making available to researchers the resources indicated in the application form, supporting project development in good conditions. The Victor Babes University is responsible for the proper functioning of project activities, following the management and scientific coordination aspects, managing the human and material resources.

Role in PHOOTONICS: VBSMS, as an end-user, will participate in both the clinical studies and the meta-analysis of the clinical data. It will participate in the medical assessment of the PHOOTONICS device and in the dissemination of the developed methods and results in the medical and health sector community.


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