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time.lex CVBA (TIMELEX)

TIMELEX is a law firm specialized in technology, intellectual property, media and e-business: time law. As specialists we focus on the domains in which we excel. However, not with blinders on. We can be your single point of contact for all your legal questions. We operate from the capital of the European Union and can call upon several networks of specialists across the globe. This gives us an extensive experience in successfully supporting European and international projects. Time-law is an inherently international specialisation. Much of its rules and principles have been encapsulated in treaties and multilateral agreements. In addition, awareness of foreign jurisprudence and doctrine are often key to avoid or resolve problems in other jurisdictions. Finally, many if not most contracts and compliance projects nowadays have a cross-border component. That's why our knowledge doesn't end at the Belgian national borders. On the contrary, our strongly international profile guarantees an equal level of expertise across the European Union, the United States, Asia and beyond.

Role in PHOOTONICS: TIMELEX will be responsible for all the ethical and legal parts of the project. TIMELEX will be in constant communication with the hospitals/end-users and their legal departments, to ensure the compliance with the EU regulations regarding the clinical trials and the protection of the patients’ rights.


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