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Quest Photonics Devices (QUEST)

Quest Photonics Devices B.V. is a Dutch SME and part of the Quest Group a group of companies that are specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-end spectral imaging components and solutions (Quest Innovations), with a particular focus on medical applications (Quest Medical Imaging). The core applications are in cancer treatment where spectral imaging is leveraged to provide an enhanced image to detect and recognize critical structures during surgery. Our R&D department investigates novel applications of spectral imaging in surgery. Our multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers is skilled in software, electronics, mechanics, optics, system architectures and product design. QUEST is a ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer and our main product, the Quest Spectrum® Platform for intra-operative fluorescence imaging, is on US and European markets and has already been approved by FDA and obtained CE-certificate.


Role in PHOOTONICS: QUEST as medical equipment manufacturer and leader of WP7 which is referred to system integration, is responsible for the integration of hardware components, allowing the communication with the external ports of the device and the interaction with other computing devices. System’s technical characteristics and specifications such as: type of sensors, sensors’ value ranges and their spatial resolution are determined from QUEST. QUEST is the technical manager of PHOOTONICS and is contributed in exploitation activities in collaboration with UAB.


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