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UAB Metis Baltic (MB)

METIS BALTIC was established in 2010 in Vilnius & provides visionary, innovative, actionable services related to state-of-the-art technologies & applications like Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things & Sensor-enabled solutions. Through our approach to innovation and commercialization strategy, and our cutting- edge knowledge of these fast-evolving spaces, we are able to glean the most appropriate options, pick the right architecture, make the right investments, and realize the best returns. Amongst other areas, Metis Baltic team has extensive expertise in key scanning technologies including IR scanning, e-health, RFID and wireless communications, with engagements in Europe, USA & Asia. Based on this knowledge base, since 2012, the company focused on digital Health diagnostic solutions through extensive investments and leadership roles in a range of R&D activities." In this way, our company participates in international projects as technology standardization, dissemination, and market entry partner.

Role in PHOOTONICS: UAB is the coordinator of the project. A large portion of UAB’s portfolio consists of products for medical applications, and the company provides the thermal imaging equipment related PHOOTONICS project for diabetic foot ulcers monitoring. UAB optimizes the thermal-IR photodetector based on its own previously developed FEETWELL Thermal Imaging prototype. Furthermore, contributes in thermal modules integration. In WP9, UAB will carry out the exploration activities


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