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Alpes Lasers S.A (ALPES)

Alpes Lasers SA is a Swiss SME, leader in the development of optoelectronic devices in the Mid- Infrared range. These light sources are of particular interest since almost all the substances have strong molecular fingerprints in the Mid-IR spectral region. For this reason, these sources are used for a large number of purposes for clinical diagnostics. Many of those applications are not yet fully exploited and several multi- national partners, especially in the large consumer electronics, rely on us for the identification of the most suitable product development strategy and to help them set up the prototype fabrication and IP protection. Therefore, Alpes Lasers is characterized by cumulative experience on QCLs and microelectronics. Alpes SA was also the first company to commercialize QCLs in the Mid-IR. Alpes Lasers has been involved in numerus projects for both the European union and the US government.

Role in PHOOTONICS: ALPES, as leader in WP5, is going to construct technologies such as QCL Mid-IR active illuminator and tuneable diodes (WP5) that accompany the technology of Mid-IR photodetector, that is planned to be developed in WP4, in order to successfully detect metabolomics and proteomics in a diabetic foot. ALPES participates in the integration of the PHOOTONICS hardware and software modules and is contribute on technical specifications extraction (WP3). Also, ALPES supports clinical studies execution mainly in the validation phase were sensors and illuminators are tested. ALPES is also actively involved in the exploitation activities of WP5 & WP6 based on its track record of new products commercialization


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